Building Healthy Habits for the New Year

January 2, 2019

With the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Often, those worthy goals end up forgotten as the holidays end and we return to normal life. But if you have true health goals that you’re trying to achieve, now is the perfect time to take small steps to set yourself up for success. At Amicus, our team is always ready to help you discuss your long-term care needs and your action plan for living your healthiest life. To help on your journey, read on for some tips on how to build healthy habits. 

  1. Talk to your doctor. The internet can be a great source of information, but it’s also rife with misinformation. Before you embark on any big changes that could impact your health, talk to your doctor about your health needs and identify small, actionable steps that could help you in your quest for healthy living.
  2. Identify the bigger reasons you want to make changes. Do you want to get back into exercising so that you’ll look good at your 50-year reunion– or so that you can keep up with your grandkids? (It could be both.) Focus on the big picture, and on how the new habits you are setting will benefit your life in the long run.
  3. Be patient with yourself. It might be awhile before you notice the benefits of your new healthier habits. That doesn’t mean it isn’t working– in fact, probably the opposite! Quick-fix diets or exercise plans are often unsustainable, and don’t lead to long term change. This is a race that the turtle wins (not the hare).
  4. Set achievable goals. If you’re trying to lose a certain amount of weight, or increase the length of your daily walk, it won’t happen overnight. Setting smaller, intermediary goals will help you stay motivated as you work towards whatever your ultimate goal is. Do you want to eat more vegetables? Start with more vegetables every day this week, or this weekend, and you’ll slowly build eating vegetables into a daily habit.
  5. Tell a friend. It’s easy to be discouraged when you’re working alone. If you want to be more active, join a group activity class like Zumba or yoga so that you’re not always working out alone. If you want to scale back your alcohol intake, ask your friend to not offer you a second glass of wine. To join a community of people engaged in healthy activities, visit our Amicus Activity Room events.

To learn more about healthy habit-building, check out this article from the National Institutes of Health in either English or Spanish.

You can always make small changes to improve your overall health, and the fresh start offered by the New Year is the perfect time to begin. At Amicus, we want to support you on your health journey in any way that we can. Check out our upcoming events to learn about opportunities to have fun with other members of the Amicus community. To come up with a personalized action plan for any specific health concerns you may have, schedule an appointment with your Amicus doctor or reach out at 954-505-5000.

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